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Alex Reyes Has Season-Ending Tommy John Surgery On His Right Elbow

Alex Reyes, one of the top candidates for Rookie of the Year in the National League, had a rough start to spring training. Reyes experienced soreness in is elbow and alerted to the team. After Reyes told his team about his soreness, they became very alarmed.

Reyes had to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) scan on his right elbow in order to determine how much damage was done to his elbow. The team was very concerned when it was determined Reyes needed an MRI. The team stated there is always a reason to be concerned when a player needs to get an MRI. The team realized that something significant had occurred if Reyes had to get an MRI.

It was determined that the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher has a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament. Reyes did get a second opinion, but it was determined that he would need Tommy John surgery which has ended his season.

In 2013, Reyes experienced a right elbow strain and he had to receive an injection that would help with the healing process. Reyes experienced another injury in 2015 that also shut down the remainder of his season.

There is certainly a great amount of disappointment coming from the St. Louis Cardinals organization. The Cardinals were only one day into spring training before they realized one of the most electrifying young talents would not be playing this season.

Reyes is one of the hardest throwing right-handers in the league right now. Reyes was one of the main reasons why there was so much hope for the Cardinals organization this season. Reyes is obviously disappointed he will miss an entire season, but he knows that in order to get better he needed to have the season-ending Tommy John surgery.