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Anthony Davis Leaves Game Against Raptors With Left Wrist Injury

basketballNew Orleans Pelicans superstar forward, Anthony Davis, had to leave Wednesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors after injuring his left wrist. Davis finished the game with seven points and four rebounds.

Davis went in the air for an alley-oop at the end of the second quarter, but he was fouled by Norman Powell while he was in the air. It appeared that Davis hit his wrist on the rim. Davis came down hard and it also appeared he landed on his left wrist. Davis made both free throws, but he did not return to the court in the second half. This is the sixth game Davis had to leave early due to an injury.

X-rays were taken on Anthony Davis’s wrist, and the results were negative. Davis has been listed as day-to-day. Typically the treatment for a sprained wrist will involve resting, ice, and keeping the wrist elevated. Medications can also be taken to ease the pain. With the right treatment, the pain and swelling will improve, but sometimes it can take weeks or months in order to get it back to normal. The worst of the pain should be over after a full week.

Davis being injured again will definitely hurt the Pelicans as they continue to try to fight for a final playoff spot. Davis is no stranger to injuries, as he has missed many games during his NBA career. Davis has not played a full NBA season in his career.

It is not known if Davis will be expected to miss any games moving forward. While the Pelicans did have a chance to obtain that final playoff spot, things are not looking as promising as they were when the Pelicans acquired DeMarcus Cousins during the All-Star Break.