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Are Ganglion Cysts Hereditary?

There’s no evidence that ganglion cysts are hereditary. Indeed, doctors don’t really know what causes them. A ganglion cysts is a swelling or tumor filled with a viscous substance. Nearly all ganglion cysts appear in adults, and are very rare in children. They’re usually found on the back of the wrist, but can also be on the other side. Other sites are the base of the fingers, the tip of the finger below the cuticle, the outside of the ankle or knee and on top of a person’s foot.

A ganglion cyst is often spongy or soft and doesn’t move under the skin. Some ganglion cysts are recurrent, which means they go away, come back and go away again. Some are painful, especially when the joint is moved, but some cause no pain at all. They cause distress to the people who have them because they’re unsightly.

A ganglion cyst found on the hand or wrist can be easily treated at the Hand and Wrist Institute. Though it’s not a medical emergency, it’s a good idea to have it evaluated to make sure it really is benign. Read more about ganglion cysts.

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