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Bobby Ryan Suffers Another Hand Injury

hockeyThe Ottawa Senators will be without Bobby Ryan for at least four to six weeks. The forward suffered a broken index finger when he was hit in the right hand with a puck during a February 18th game.

While Ryan should be able to heal without surgery, his broken finger is only one of a series of hand injuries he has suffered over the last three seasons. In November 2014, a broken finger made him miss two games. A December 2015 hand injury made him miss another game. He broke his finger again in November 2016, which resulted in him missing another two games. When he returned to play, he reinjured his hand, missing another three games in late 2016.

Ryan’s broken finger will cause him to miss some critical regular season games as his team, who are currently second in the Atlantic Division, work to be eligible for the playoffs. If his team is successful, though, Ryan should be healed enough to help the Senators during the playoffs.

Fractured fingers, such as the one suffered by Ryan, are generally caused by a direct blow to the hand. Either the hand smashes into something, or as in Ryan’s case, something smashes into the hand. To ensure preservation of the hand, you should visit a hand specialist right away if you suspect that you have a broken finger. A hand specialist can advise you on proper treatment of your hand, so you have a better chance of a faster recovery.

Surgery for a broken finger is generally only required if there is an open fracture (meaning the bone is sticking out), if tendons or blood vessels have been severed, or if the bones in the finger or hand are displaced. Most of the time, a fractured finger will need to be immobilized in a splint or cast for about three to six weeks. Pain medication may be taken, especially early on, to reduce the pain caused by the fracture. To ensure proper healing of the injured area, be sure to obey your doctor’s advice on resting the injury. If you are an active person, it may be difficult to rest your injured hand. It is important, though, to remember that returning to your normal activities too soon could prolong the recovery process.