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Boxer suffers a Pronator Teres tear.

Earlier this week, African Boxer Marc Subramoney suffered an elbow injury, leaving him on a leave of absence from Boxing. The timing could not have been worse, as he had been scheduled in what was anticipated to be the biggest fight in his short career. Subramoney had been sparing with a heavyweight boxer when the injury occurred. During the sparring session, he injured his arm and was quick to withdraw from the session and any further activity. Upon further examination, Subramoney was instructed to seek medical care to see the extent of his injury.

An ultrasound had confirmed that Subramoneys injury was a tear in the Pronator Teres muscle, a rare sporting injury that mainly occurs in Cricket and Golf players. The Pronator Teres is a muscle which helps the forearm turn and twist. The tissue runs obliquely across the forearm and ends as a flat tendon which is connected to the middle of the surface of the radius. This type of injury has caused Subramoney to be unable to clench his fist or rotate his wrist. Unfortunately, he will not be fit to box and has to be on rest for a period of 14 to 21 days.

Subramoney was disappointed in the news that he would not be able to fight for another two or three weeks while on rest. In the following days, Subramoney will most likely be cut off from any further strenuous activities, and apply Cold Therapy to the injury. Cold therapy, such as icing, can help ease the pain and swelling to the area. This type of treatment can be applied for 10 to 15 minutes every hour for 3 or 4 times a day, or when as needed.

In good news, the major of those with this type of injury manage to make a full recovery and return to their sport with no lingering weakness or pain.