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Chris Paul Will Miss Up To 8 Weeks After Left Thumb Injury

basketballNBA All-Star, Chris Paul, had successful surgery on his left thumb. Chris Paul was defending another NBA All-Star, Russell Westbrook when he injured his hand. Chris Paul was fighting over a screen when the hand was injured.

After the injury, the Clippers called a timeout and Chris Paul walked off the court immediately. In obvious frustration, Paul kicked the bench as he left the game. One of the things that makes Paul so frustrated is being injured time and time again. He obviously knew he was hurt, and I’m sure he immediately thought about what happened previous times.

X-Rays were negative, so Paul’s left hand did not suffer any fractures. Clippers fans may be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Chris Paul will be back this season. Chris Paul will likely miss 6-8 weeks, but the good news is that his hand is not broken this time.

This is nothing new to Chris Paul, unfortunately. He also has offseason surgery on a torn ligament in his other thumb in 2012. Before the surgery in 2012, Paul played many games with his thumb wrapped. During the first round of the playoffs last year(2016), Chris Paul broke his right hand. Paul has also missed games this season due to a hamstring injury.

If you have followed the Clippers this season, you are aware of how they play without Chris Paul. Paul’s absence will certainly hurt the Clippers, but they recently welcomed back their other star, Blake Griffin. Griffin returned to the lineup after having minor knee surgery.

Being without their All-Star point guard is not anything new to the Clippers, but it is definitely not something they want to keep getting used to. With the right treatment and with enough rest, Chris Paul will be back on the court in a few weeks.