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David Johnson Still Out and Chances for Returning this Season Slim

footballIt’s been months since running backĀ David Johnson’s wrist injury removed him from playing alongside the rest of the Cardinals. On Monday, November 13th, he was finally able to have the cast removed after over two months and is now using a splint. Even though he underwent surgery for his dislocated wrist, now that the cast is off he’ll face the stiffness and the soreness that accompanies it.

Sustaining his injury in the season opener, it was immediately suspected by coach Bruce Arians that Johnson would not return for the season. Only now that his cast is off is he able to start the process of rehabilitation to regain strength and range of motion in his wrist. While he may have been hopeful and eager to return, he knows now that the road to recovery may be longer than he’d wanted.

While this setback is only temporary, it’s admittedly hard for Johnson to sit back and feel like he’s letting his team down. His doctor has told him that at this point, he shouldn’t even set a time table for when he’ll return. And even if he manages to make it through rehabilitation before the season’s over, it won’t make sense for him to play if his team doesn’t reach playoff potential. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Johnson isn’t the only man down with injuries.

In this scenario, even if Johnson gets the green light to play this season, his vital role on the team will have to be weighed against the risk of re-injuring his wrist just so he can play in one more game. The consensus at this point sounds like dealing with Johnson’s rehab and healing is the winning move while he prepares for a new season in the new year.

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