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Diamondback’s Pitcher Out for Season for Elbow Surgery

The Major League Baseball season is just getting started and most teams are still in a state of hopeful optimism. But the Arizona Diamondbacks just had a setback that is challenging to overcome. Pitcher Shelby Miller is scheduling Tommy John surgery which means he is out for the rest of the season.

Miller, who was injured in a game against the Dodgers, was placed on a 60 day disabled list while investigating treatment options, but a quick decision was made to undergo the Tommy John surgery, popular among pitchers. In the procedure, the ulnar collateral ligament is replaced with one from another part of the body. While it is very effective, the recovery time is lengthy.

Because of this, Miller thought it best to jump in and get it done sooner rather than later. While he may have been able to wait and get back on the mound after a rest period, experts felt that the surgery was going to happen at some point, and if he does it now, he might be able to be ready to start throwing some balls at the beginning of next season. If he waited, he might be looking at a lackluster career and early retirement.

Whether you are a professional athlete or not, every injury has an effect on your life and needs attention. Those affecting the elbow, hand, or wrist are particularly debilitating to everyday life, and a proper diagnosis and treatment should be performed by a board certified orthopedic surgeon for the best chance for a full recovery. Shelby Miller will be back in the game after recovery, and if you’re in pain, you have options that can get you back in your game too.