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Did LeBron James Play With A Broken Hand After Game 1 Of The Finals?

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions once again, but as the last game started to wind down, LeBron James congratulated the Warriors with his left fist. After the game, LeBron sat at the press conference table with a cast on his right hand.

Immediately after Game 4, the news broke that LeBron James played the final 3 games with a hand injury. Did he play the final 3 games with a broken hand? According to LeBron, his right hand was basically broken. The news confused fans and sparked many questions about why the injury was not disclosed until the series was over.

How did LeBron James injure his right hand? According to reports, James injured his hand after he punched a whiteboard due to the frustration of losing Game 1 in the manner they did. James was frustrated by a series of events, including having a foul overturned after a replay review and JR Smith’s lack of awareness and recognition in the last 4 minutes.

James received two MRIs during the remainder of the series and he wore a cast on his hand when the team was not practicing or playing. James would ice his hand immediately after each game and he used a tennis ball to build up his grip. He also did not wear a cast when he was in front of the media. James did not want the Golden State Warriors to know that he was playing with a hand injury.

Many people have made some speculations that the injury was not that serious and the injury was only revealed after the series ended in 4 games. Despite LeBron James attempting to keep his hand injury a secret, many reporters around the league were aware of what happened. According to many reporters around the league, the Golden State Warriors were aware that LeBron had suffered a hand injury.

If LeBron James had not suffered the injury after Game 1, would this series still be going or would it have still been over?