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Evan Turner Expected To Miss 6 Weeks Due To A Right Hand Injury

basketballAfter a tough start with his new team, Evan Turner of the Portland Trail Blazers was really starting to find his stride on the team. Turner was placed in the starting lineup recently and he was really looking comfortable in his position with the team. Portland has struggled this season to get back to the form that made them a good team last year.

Unfortunately, the good times came to a halt recently. Evan Turner suffered an injury to his shooting hand that will result in him missing some serious game action. Turner injured his hand while trying to get through a screen set by Harrison Barnes with under 8 minutes left in the third quarter. The injury seemed to occur when Turner ran into one of Harrison Barnes’ elbows during that screen.

On the next possession, Turner missed a 3-pointer. After he missed the three-pointer, Turner was clearly favoring his right hand. Turner was in more pain after his hand hit Harrison Barnes on the chest a few minutes later while the Blazers were on the defensive end.

Turner had to handle the ball after it landed in his left hand from a Wesley Matthews turnover.  Turner easily pushed the ball up the floor in his left hand. After the Blazers scored on that possession, the Mavericks called a timeout and Turner left the game. A few minutes after Turner left the game, the Blazers announced that Turner would not be able to return to the game.

Turner is expected to miss 5-6 weeks of playing time after he broke the third metacarpal in his right hand. Turner was seen wearing a brace that covered his hand and part of his forearm after the game. Although he is expected to miss a significant amount of time(possibly up to 19 games), Turner will not need surgery on his right hand.