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Former NFL Wide Receiver Had His Left Hand Amputated After ATV Accident

footballFormer Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi, revealed that his NFL career is over. Massaquoi revealed on The Players’ Tribune that he had part of his left hand amputated after he was involved in an ATV accident. The former wide receiver was riding with friends when his ATV flipped over. Unfortunately, the ATV crushed Massaquoi’s hand.

Massaquoi revealed that he made a turn too sharply and he lost control of the ATV. Massaquoi stated that he felt as if an explosion erupted in his hand. He was in such shock that he was not able to feel anything. However, he knew that something was wrong because there was a significant amount of blood everywhere.

Massaquoi stated that he thought his hand was only broken, but his friends were seeing something different. His friends are seeing what his hand actually looks like; his friends could see that his hand looked as if it had gone through a grinder. Massaquoi could see the concern and fear in everyone, and this was an indication that something had gone terribly wrong.

After Massaquoi was airlifted to a hospital, the doctors told him that it was very likely his hand would have to be amputated.  However, before it was revealed that Massaquoi may lose his hand, the doctors tried to reset his hand with the hope that it would eventually heal. After it was all said and done, Massaquoi was only left with a thumb. He now uses a prosthetic.

Although Massaquoi had not played in a football game since 2013, he was still holding on to his NFL dream. He had not given up on returning to the NFL, until the unfortunate ATV accident. Massaquoi played in 54 games over a span of four seasons; he finished his NFL career with 7 touchdowns, 118 receptions, and 1,745 yards.