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Hand Injury Shorts the Orlando Magic Yet Another Player

basketballNikola Vucevic is the most recent player that the Orlando Magic will be missing from their games. After suffering a broken bone in his hand, Vucevic’s recent injury will cost him up to 8 weeks away from the game.

Some previous injuries that have shorted the Orlando Magic of players in recent weeks range from back spasms to sprained ankles. Now,┬áNikola Vucevic’s broken hand can be added to the list. He sustained the injury, a fractured┬ámetacarpal of his left index finger, in a game against the Washington Wizards on December 23rd, 2017.

Now, his spot on the bench is empty as he stays home to recover from surgery for his injury. His absence comes from the recommendation of doctors that he stay off the court to avoid further injury. While he’s able to keep up with his conditioning and has even been allowed very recently on the court for some practices, the waiting period is a struggle. Since the main factor in his recovery is allowing the injury to heal, that means waiting the necessary 6-8 weeks. For Nicola Vucevic, that is the hardest part.

As with most team players, missing out on games and supporting their teams is a challenge. For Vucevic, sitting at home so the fracture in his hand could heal left him feeling like he was letting his team down by not being there to help.

For the team, his loss has been a noticeable one. A great asset to the team, their offense has suffered since his absence. Out of five games played since he’s been off to recover, only one of those counted as a victory for the Orlando Magic.

Despite the setback of his injury, however, he’s set to be back on the road with his team for their next road trip. And hopefully by the time his hand has healed, there’s a chance he’ll be back in time for the NBA trade deadline.