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Hand and Wrist Injuries Loom as MLB Opening Day Approaches

Baseball is a grueling sport, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Players compete in over 150 games a season, and a team making a deep playoff run can have it even worse. With so much time spent practicing and training, even in the offseason, the game of baseball can be a grind year-round on an injured hand or wrist. Injuries are unfortunately a part of baseball history that stretches back to the early days of the game. Even specific surgeries are named after the unlucky players that first encountered them.Indeed, as we approach 2018’s Opening Day, Ervin Santana is still struggling to recover from hand surgery. Troy Tulowitzki is suffering from bone spurs and will also miss the first set of games. Most notably, World Series 2017 Champion and newsmaker Yuri Gurriel is also recovering from a successful hand surgery in the first week of March.

Gurriel had a pre-existing hand condition in his hamate bone that finally flared up after 13 years of baseball at the highest level. There’s no telling how many non-athletes may be living with a similar issue. Even if it hasn’t reached injury status yet, it emphasizes how important regular maintenance on the hand and wrist can be. Baseball players, as long as their injury isn’t career-ending, go through extensive rehab programs to recover, but they get to hang out in the dugout and watch baseball while they recover. Regular people don’t generally have that luxury.

If you’re wondering about a nagging hand or wrist ache, it’s never to early to see a specialist. Action now can prevent necessary surgery years down the line. The human body is an intricate machine and the skeletal system has hundreds of moving parts. Doctors with the expertise to treat hands and wrists are invaluable, and it’s definitely worth scheduling a visit if you have any concerns.