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How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Wrist Sprain?

Dealing with a sprained wrist is no cakewalk. A wrist sprain can make doing everyday activities taxing. This condition can cause pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness and tearing or popping in the wrist.

Anyone can get a sprained wrist, but this injury is very common in athletes. When people fall or get knocked down, they automatically use their hands to break the fall. This can place extreme pressure on the wrist or cause it to twist or stretch beyond its limits. The end result can be tears or breaks in the ligaments.

Depending on how severe a wrist sprain is, it can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to heal. Minor sprains will heal quicker than more severe sprains. If the wrist sprain consists of snapped ligaments, a person will likely need surgery to repair it and healing time will be longer. Also, everyone is different, so healing time would also depend on how fast or slow a person heals and how well a person follows doctor’s orders.

If there is pain or swelling in the wrist, seek the help of a medical professional. Never try to diagnose a sprained wrist on your own. Not getting the proper care for an injury of this nature can lead to permanent damage.

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