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Is it possible that my injury gets worse after surgery?

Many patients who have recently had hand or wrist surgery, particularly Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel release, reconstructive hand surgery or extensive joint reconstruction are often worried about injuries becoming worse rather than better. Fortunately, the chances of a prior injury that a medical or surgical procedure was intended to correct actually becoming worse after the operation are minimal if proper care is taken.

Most after surgery injuries happen when after care instructions are not followed through correctly or ignored completely; it is essential that the patient follow all after care instructions, weight and movement restrictions and adhere directly to prescribed medications as ordered by the physician. Depending on the type of surgery, some patients may be required to wear a wrist, elbow or hand brace for a length of time to minimize movement and increase support. A physician will be able to advise on the proper fit and size of a brace, as well as what exercises may be allowed in the home to help strengthen the hand, wrist or elbow after surgery.

Keeping post-operation appointments is just as important as following aftercare instructions; the physician will be able to diagnose any complications, injuries or other issues during follow up appointments. If an injury has become worse or is not healing correctly after surgery, a patient should make an appointment immediately; physicians have a much better chance of correcting the problem quickly and minimizing damage if they are contacted sooner rather than later.

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