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Javier Baez back in action after elbow injury, plays like the dependable man he is

Javier Baez, the Puerto Rican baseball player, had to go off the ground while playing against the Cardinals since his left elbow took a hit by a pitch from Jack Flaherty, the Cardinals pitcher. Javier is the infielder for Chicago Cubs. He was replaced by Addison Russell during the game.

Javier’s injury was diagnosed as left elbow contusion, and with a game against Los Angeles Dodgers due on Monday, he did not want to be out of action for long. He did not go for X-rays, and said he was feeling very sore, and kept icing the injury, which helped. Luckily, Baez had no broken bones, which is often possible with the kind of hit his elbow took.

Elbow injuries while playing baseball are more common in pitchers, due to the repetitive throwing motion. However, hit by pitch (HBP) injuries are also common in baseball, and the effect can be mild or severe, since the ball moves at very high speed, and sometimes there is no time to duck or slide. It is very important to have all protective gear in place, like helmets and elbow pads, to avoid severe injury. Contusions and concussions can keep the players out of action, sometimes for long durations, and must be attended to immediately, because they might risk losing an entire season if the injury is left unattended. A proper warm and workout regimen is also important to balance the overuse of certain muscles and resultant burnout of the same.

An elbow fracture would require sling immobilization or reconstructive surgery in worse cases. Pitcher’s elbow is also a common injury, which comprises of inflammation of ligaments that connect the humerus to the ulna and can manifest as pain, clicking sounds in the elbow, instability of the elbow or numbness of the elbow. Rest, ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines help in such cases. Besides, new developments in sports medicine ensure that players are able to manage their injuries better and return to their sport with the same strength and agility as before the injury.