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Johnny Impact Suffers Dislocated Elbow During a Photo Shoot

Pro wrestler Johnny Hennigan (AKA Johnny Mundo or Johnny Impact) suffered a dislocated elbow in early August. Hennigan’s career has taken him through the wrestling circuit. He’s done WWE, the independent circuit, Impact Wrestling, and an assortment of other paths. While one might assume that the injury happened in the ring, he actually injured his elbow during a Muscle & Fitness photoshoot. Hennigan blamed the mishap on a mix of baby oil and parkour. The injury came just after Hennigan had returned to the ring after taking time off to be on Survivor, so he’ll have to take another break while he recovers.

When someone dislocates their elbow, as was the case with Hennigan, the bone in the upper arm (the humerus) and the bones in the lower arm (ulna and radius), move away from each other. This can be extremely painful and generally happens as the result of a fall onto your outstretched arm. In Hennigan’s case, the baby oil created a slippery surface, increasing his chances of suffering an injury such as this. To decrease your chances of suffering a dislocated elbow, avoid wet or slippery surfaces whenever possible.

Of course, not every fall onto your arm is going to result in a dislocated elbow or another serious elbow injury. Recognizing the symptoms of a dislocated elbow may help you to know when you should seek medical attention. Along with pain, you may notice swelling around the injured area. With a dislocated elbow, the elbow may also look deformed.

Icing and resting your elbow may help reduce the swelling and pain, but it is important to see a doctor right away if you suspect that you have suffered a dislocated elbow. Your doctor can determine the extent of your injury and help you to get the bones back into their proper place, which may require the doctor to pop them back into place. While this is painful, it is necessary for the proper healing of your elbow. Do not try to pop the bones back into place yourself. You may end up injuring yourself worse.