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Josh McCown’s Broken Hand Requires Surgery

footballThe New York Jets’ 0-23 loss to the Denver Broncos was painful. Unfortunately, their loss was made even more painful by the loss of their starting quarterback, Josh McCown, for the rest of the season. McCown suffered a hand fracture during the second quarter of the game when his hand and wrist collided with another player’s helmet. He left the game briefly but then came back in for a short time before leaving the game permanently and returning to the locker room during the third quarter.

McCown’s broken hand is a disappointing end to the 2017 season for McCowan, who had started all 13 games for the Jets this season prior his injury. Before to his December 10 injury, McCown was having what could arguably be called his best NFL season yet. He had completed over two-thirds of his passes for nearly 3,000 yards, a career high for the quarterback who has played for an assortment of teams throughout his NFL career.

Hand fractures are a painful injury that may take several weeks to heal. While they can often be treated non-surgically, sometimes, as was the case for McCown, surgery is required. If there is a bone sticking out or if the hand is visibly deformed, recognizing a hand fracture is fairly easy. Other symptoms may include swelling, pain, and difficulty bending the fingers or a clear misalignment when you do bend your fingers.

Seeing a hand specialist as soon as possible after you have suffered a hand injury is important. X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI might be needed to determine the extent of the injury. Even if you do not think you have fractured your hand, if the pain and swelling persist, it is best to visit a specialist just to be sure your hand is not fractured or otherwise seriously injured.