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Kyle Lowry Is Expected To Miss A Month Of Action

basketballThe Toronto Raptors All-Star point guard, Kyle Lowry, had successful right wrist surgery. Although the surgery was successful, there is expected to be a variety of challenges ahead for Kyle Lowry and his Raptors team. Kyle Lowry will start a variety of motion exercises in a few days.

Kyle Lowry’s surgery was intended to remove some of the loose bodies that were found in his wrist. Lowry’s injury took place during the last game before this year’s All-Star game.

Lowry is expected to miss a month of game action. This is really disappointing for the Raptors because they were having a great first half of the season. The Raptors also had a significant amount of momentum heading into the All-Star break, but now that momentum is expected to slow down a little.

What does it mean to have loose bodies in your wrist? When your wrist is fractured and one of the ten bones in your wrist shatters in such a way that other pieces become separated, it is known as a loose body. The loose bodies can cause a significant amount of pain. The loose bodies can also cause inflammation.

When Lowry woke up after the game against Charlotte before the All-Star break, he woke up to a sore wrist. He knew that something was different after his wrist did not feel better after using ice and pain medications. He also thought resting his wrist would improve it, but that was not the case.

Despite the injury he suffered, Lowry participated in the Three-Point Contest and the All-Star game. Lowry was seen with his wrist heavily wrapped as he sat on the bench during the All-Star game. However, there is not any evidence that the injury became worse because he participated in All-Star weekend.

The Raptors will certainly miss Lowry’s presence on the court, but they are expected to be able to hold on while Lowry is out. Lowry’s wrist is not expected to keep him out of the playoffs.