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LeBron James’s Elbow Injury Results In Better Shooting Motion

basketballCleveland Cavaliers star, LeBron James, revealed that his elbow eventually turned into the size of a tennis ball after the end of the 2017 playoffs. LeBron had an MRI and X-rays performed on his elbow, but no medical damage was found.

LeBron James revealed that the elbow injury did not have an impact on his ability to perform on the court during the playoffs. LeBron James was not aware that anything was wrong with his elbow until he was working out in Los Angeles in June. James stated that his wife noticed there was a problem with his elbow.James also revealed that this elbow injury was different from the elbow injury that occurred in the 2010 playoffs, but it still bothered him.

James’s elbow bothered him over the summer, and he admitted that he needed to wear a compression sleeve over his elbow. As a result of the elbow injury, LeBron had to make some tweaks to his game. James did not want his off-season training and workouts to be interrupted, so instead of letting the injury bother him and get in the way of his training, he decided to make some changes to his shooting form.

James’s shooting motion now ends with a higher release point. Since his release point his higher than it was before, he is minimizing any discomfort he may feel in his elbow when he is shooting. James did consult with the team’s shooting coaches, but the end decision was all LeBron James.

The change in James’s shooting motion made his arm feel better and it resulted in him developing a better shooting motion. James no longer has swelling in his elbow and he has developed a shooting motion that he uses with all of his shots.