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Luke Falk’s Broken Wrist Sidelined Him During Holiday Bowl

basketballAll Luke Falk could do was watch from the sidelines as the Washington State Cougars suffered a tough 42-17 loss to the Michigan State Spartans in the Holiday Bowl on December 28. Falk, who had been the starting quarterback for Washington State previously, had played most of the season with an injured left (non-throwing) wrist. While Falk’s coach was a little cryptic about the extent of the injury prior to the Holiday Bowl, it was later revealed that Falk had suffered a broken bone in his wrist during the Boise State game on September 9.

After his injury, Falk played with his wrist wrapped for the rest of the regular season. Eventually, though, had to have surgery on the fractured wrist, which prevented him from playing in his final college post-season game. While his injured wrist was a disappointing ending to his college career, he is currently the winningest quarterback in WSU history. He also holds several WSU and PAC-12 records.

Wrist fractures can happen during a fall, such as slipping on a slippery surface, tripping, or falling during an athletic competition. The person may fall onto an outstretched hand, injuring the wrist. A wrist fracture may also be the result of a direct blow or serious collision, such as during a contact sport.

While Falk did need surgery to treat his wrist fracture, not all broken wrists require surgery. Sometimes, the injured area may simply need to be placed in a splint or otherwise immobilized for several weeks. The best way to determine the extent of the damage, including deciding upon proper treatment, which includes determining whether the injured wrist requires surgery, is to see a qualified medical professional right away. Your doctor may use x-rays, a CT scan, and a visual inspection of the injured area to determine the best treatment. The sooner you visit a qualified professional, the sooner your treatment can begin.