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Marcus Semien Placed On 10-Day Disabled List After Injuring His Wrist

Marcus Semien, a shortstop for the Oakland Athletics, was placed on the 10-day disabled list after injuring his right wrist. Semien is listed as having a bruised right wrist. Semien was already bothered by soreness in his wrist since the beginning of spring training.

Semien stated that he could not remember exactly when the pain started during spring training, but he eventually reached a point where he needed to receive treatment on his wrist. This was when the Oakland A’s realized there was a problem.

Once the pain began to impact his throwing ability during the last game in Houston, the Athletics decided to shut Semien down. Semien stated that it was taking him longer than usual to loosen himself up when he was in the cage. Semien stated that it usually took him a few swings to get loose.

However, one day the pain would not go away. When the pain did not go away, Semien made the decision to seek treatment from the medical staff. Semien felt that if the pain was not bothering him while he was throwing that he would probably still be playing.

This is the first time Marcus Semien has been placed on the disabled list in his career. As stated above, Semien is expected to miss 10 days, but it could be longer. Semien underwent an MRI scan a few days ago. He is expected to have a CT scan soon to determine if his wrist has been damaged further. Semien will be out longer if the scaphoid bone is revealed to be broken. While Semien waits for his CT scan, his wrist will be immobilized.

If you find yourself suffering from a wrist injury and a voice in your head is telling you that it is best for you to seek treatment, you should definitely listen to that voice and seek treatment.