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Marcus Smart Could Be Done For The Season Due To Right Thumb Injury

basketballThe Celtics are not sure if Marcus Smart will be able to play again this season. Smart has been wearing a protective cast on his shooting hand for weeks. When Smart was seeing wearing the cast, he told reporters it was “like a sprain right now.”

Smart missed several games earlier this season after he lacerated the same hand when he punched a picture frame due to anger. Smart had to receive 20 stitches as a result of his outburst. Smart missed 11 games after the picture frame punching incident, but he could have ended his season because a shard of glass was very close to cutting two tendons near the pinky area of his right hand.

It was reported that Marcus Smart had a torn tendon in the thumb on his right hand, but Danny Ainge stated that Smart does not have a torn tendon. According to Ainge, Smart has ligament damage near his thumb. The team has called Smart’s injury a sprain. However, despite the conflicting reports, there are plenty of reasons to believe Smart’s injury is worse than the team thought it was in the beginning.

With a return hanging in the balance, Smart seeks to have a second opinion for more information and answers. Smart has stated that he would still play while being injured. However, if he has a complete tear in the thumb instead of a partial tear, Smart will likely have played his last game of the season already. The damage while likely depend on whether any additional damage can be done by playing. Smart will not be bothered by playing in pain if it does not lead to more damage.

Recovery from the injury that Smart has can take up to four months. As of now, the Celtics will continue to wait for more news on Smart’s injury, but it certainly looks like Smart may not return this season.