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Michael Conforto Hit By Pitch, Suffers Left Wrist Injury

The New York Mets can add another injury to their list. Michael Conforto, an outfielder, left the game on Sunday with a wrist injury. Conforto was hit by a pitch by San Francisco starter Matt Moore. Conforto took a fastball off the hand. Although Conforto showed obvious signs of injury, he remained in the game. After staying in the game during that inning, he had to leave the game one inning later.

Conforto had multiple x-rays on his hand, and the results came back negative. The x-ray examined some of the small bones in the middle of his left hand. The x-ray even examined the hamate bone, and there were no breaks found in his left hand. Conforto’s injury was ruled as a bruise. Conforto will not have to be placed on the disabled list, but he will have to wait a few days before he can swing a bat again. Conforto stated that he does not want to create any bad habits that could come from using the bat while being injured.

Conforto did take a few swings, but he thinks it is too early to make a decision on when he can return. His had was still a bit sore, but he was hit with a 93 miles per hour fastball, so a bit of soreness is to be expected. Since Conforto does not have any bone breaks, he will just have to worry about getting his hand treated so he can get back in the game as soon as possible.

Since Conforto cannot grip a bat the way he needs to, the Mets are unsure of how long it is going to be before he can be placed back in the lineup.