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Myles Turner of Indiana Bulls listed as week-to-week with injured right elbow

Diagnosed with a ligament and muscle strain in the right elbow, Myles Turner, Center player for Indiana Pacers, has been ruled out of the upcoming 5-day road trip of the team. He has been listed as week-to-week till he gets well again.

He injured his elbow last week on Jan 8 during a game against Milwaukee, soon after the game began, and continued to play with visible discomfort. Fortunately, the injury does not require any surgery and he has to wear a brace for his elbow. The injury could prove to be a setback for the team as well as for him.

Though ankle and knee injuries are common in basketball, elbow injuries can keep a player down too. Movements like dribbling, passing the ball and shooting result in overuse of the elbow, causing pain and tendinitis (inflammation or swelling of a tendon in the elbow) can also lead to elbow pain. Sometimes, contact injury or falls can lead to fracture also, in which the elbow joint surfaces may separate partially or fully.

Players must also remember to warm up and stretch sufficiently, holding each stretch for half a minute or so, before any game because cold muscles are susceptible to injury. Also, it is important to wear proper gear for the game, even during practice, like knee and elbow pads and supports, and appropriate shoes.

Physical exams and tests can reveal the extent of injury and radiographs or MRI might be needed in case of injury to the soft tissue, ligament or cartilage. A bandage or splint may be enough for most cases, along with adequate rest. Pain relievers and then light flexibility exercises may be prescribed by the doctor. In case of an injury due to a direct hit or fall, and not overuse, immediate medical attention is mandatory.