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NBA’s John Wall Undergoes X-Rays on Wrist and Hand

The NBA is just about half-way through the season, and it’s usually this time of year we start to see more injuries. The competition is heating up, and players are getting worn down, which typically results in more health issues. This week, John Wall, star player for the Washington Wizards, had to take a break to get some x-rays on his wrist and hand.

Fans might have noticed that Wall wasn’t playing up to par in his recent game against the Boston Celtics. It wasn’t until after the game that he confessed that he was experiencing pain in his right pinkie finger, and his left wrist was swollen. To rule out fractures, x-rays were taken, but they came back negative.

Scott Brooks, coach of the Wizards wasn’t surprised that Wall continued to play, even in pain. He’s just the type of player who keeps going no matter what gets thrown at him. But it seems to be affecting his game, so coaching staff will have to assess whether he needs to rest for a game or two.

Even though there were no fractures, sometimes sprains and strains can cause just as much pain, and sometimes even more time to heal. It’s important to get these types of injuries assessed to determine the best course of action.

Knowing John Wall, he will probably fight to be on the court, even with a swollen wrist and hurt hand. It’s probably not the best decision when it comes to healing, but if he feels his team needs him, he’s going to do everything he can to get them a win. Hopefully he can get back to 100% soon, as All-Star weekend is coming up, and he’s hoping to be voted as a representative in the big game.