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NFL Running Back David Johnson’s Dislocated Wrist Sidelines Him for Months

footballThe NFL season is not off to a positive start for the Arizona Cardinals. They lost their first regular season game on September 10 to the Detroit Tigers. After the game, they found out that they will have to play without running back David Johnson, who will be out for two to three months after suffering a dislocated wrist, which requires surgery.

Johnson’s absence will be a big blow to the team, who have come to rely on his skills. Last season, he had over 2,000 combined rushing and receiving yards as well as 20 touchdowns. In only his second year in the NFL, 2016 was also his first All-Pro season. The Cardinals expected to be able to rely heavily on Johnson this season as well. While he may be able to contribute in the latter part of the season, the team will need to rely on other players for the early part of the season.

If you have suffered a wrist injury, whether while playing sports or as the result of a fall, you might be wondering if you have a dislocated wrist. While a qualified doctor will need to look at the wrist to provide a proper diagnosis, there are several signs that you may have dislocated your wrist or otherwise seriously injured it. These include pain, swelling, and tingling in the wrist or fingers. The wrist may also look deformed. It could also be difficult or impossible to move the injured wrist.

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