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Nicky Delmonico Sitting Out Due to Right Hand Fracture

Nicky Delmonico, left fielder for the Chicago White Sox, will be sitting on the bench for the next four to six weeks due to a broken bone. On May 18, 2018, in a game against the Texas Rangers, Nicky Delmonico was up to bat when he was struck by the ball. The fastball came from Rangers’ starting pitcher, Matt Moore. The ball was traveling at 92 miles per hour when it hit Nicky Delmonico in the right hand. This blow to his hand resulted in a fracture of the metacarpal of his right middle finger.

This is not the first injury that Nicky Delmonico has suffered to his upper extremities recently. Just two months ago, a collision with another player resulted in a partial dislocation of his left shoulder. He was able to quickly recover, and did not miss any games. He had previously injured his left shoulder in September of last year. This injury caused him to miss several weeks of off-season activities and training. Just the month prior, in August of 2017, Delmonico sprained his right wrist while playing in a game, and was forced to sit out the remainder of that game.

To most people, a broken finger may not seem like the worst injury imaginable, but to a baseball player any injury to the hand has the possibility of being devastating to his career. Luckily, this type of injury usually heals very well, and most of the time does not require invasive treatment. The chances of Delmonico being able to be back in the game within a few weeks are very good.

Delmonico’s injury is a closed fracture that did not break the skin. With this type of injury, it is important that his doctor watch the injury carefully to ensure that the bone that is fractured stays in alignment. He will do this by taking X-rays periodically. Delmonico will need to rest his hand and may need to wear a brace or a splint to keep from having too much movement. As long as the bone appears to be healing on its own, he will not require surgery or other forms of manipulation.

For now, Delmonico’s place on the field will be occupied by his teammate, Leury Garcia. With proper rest and care, Nicky Delmonico will be back to playing the game he loves within the next few weeks.