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Novak Djokovic Is Receiving Treatment For Elbow Injury

tennis ballNovak Djokovic, 12-time grand slam champion, has been receiving medical treatment for a nagging right elbow injury. Djokovic stated that he has received a medical intervention on his elbow that has been bothering him for quite some time. According to Djokovic, he feels that he has back on the good road now and expects to make a full recovery.

Djokovic missed the second half of the 2017 season because he was bothered with his right arm, and his right arm is the one that he swings with. According to Djokovic, his right arm was bothering him for over one year. Last month, the 30-year-old tennis star decided to be a part of the Australian Open.

It was obvious that Djokovic was being slowed down by his elbow injury because he lost in straight sets. During the match, Djokovic was clearly wincing and grimacing through the entire match. Djokovic also had to receive treatment on his elbow during a timeout.

It has been reported that Djokovic was seen leaving a Switzerland clinic with his right hand heavily taped. Djokovic was seen leaving a clinic that is known for its skills and expertise in rehabilitation and orthopedic treatments, especially for athletes like Djokovic. The reports suggest that surgery as performed on Djokovic’s hand, and it is believed that a bone or fragment may have been removed from the hand.

Djokovic confirmed that he tried various methods in an attempt to heal the elbow that has been bothering him and that he finally agreed to accept a small intervention on his elbow.

Djokovic remains positive that the medical intervention he received will allow him to return back to the place he loves the most. That place is the tennis court. After a disappointing start, Djokovic may seek to return in May for the French Open.