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Ottawa Senators’ forward Bobby Ryan suffers yet another hand injury

hockeyOttawa Senators, the professional ice hockey team, are left with no option but to sideline Bobby Ryan, their forward, since he has suffered yet another injury to his hand. This is the third injury he has agonized through in the past one year and seventh since 2014.

Team coach Guy Boucher said that his hand was already hurting when he was playing against the Blackhawks but he continued playing until the pain worsened and he could take it no more. Ryan has 5 goals and 12 assists to his credit in the 32 games he has played this season. Boucher was unable to give any details of the injury, nor how long Ryan would have to stay sidelined from the arena. He told the media that the extent of injury can be determined only after the swelling subsides.

Ice hockey, a fitness sport, requires speed as well as power, which makes injuries inevitable. There are not only chances of collision, but also getting smacked with other players’ sticks and even non contact injuries like the hand or fingers/thumb being bent backward during a fall, and suffering a sprain or even fracture in such a case.

In case of an injury, pushing through the pain is not a good idea. Immediate medical assistance is of critical importance, especially if there is bleeding or visible swelling or bruising, or if the hand or fingers/ thumb look unnaturally bent.

In case of a mild injury, an ice pack must be applied immediately to reduce pain and keep swelling in check. Heat should not be applied to any injury for at least 72 hours. Heat increases blood flow and can delay the recovery. Anti inflammatory pain medication coupled with adequate rest can also help. It is important to consult a doctor before going back to earlier level of activity.