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Paul Millsap Preparing To Play Again After Wrist Surgery

basketballWhen All-Star Paul Millsap signed with the Denver Nuggets in the offseason, he was expected to be a major asset to the team. A few months ago, Millsap made the decision to undergo surgery on his left wrist. In the beginning, there was likely a collective sigh of relief in Denver when the X-rays on Paul Millsap’s X-rays were negative. The initial thoughts were that Millsap structured a fracture during the game against the Long Angeles Lakers.

As time went by, the Denver Nuggets organization discovered that Millsap’s injury was more than just a sprain. Millsap sat out the next game against the Sacramento Kings, but it was expected that Millsap would not miss too many games. However, it was discovered that Paul Millsap’s wrist injury was more than just a simple wrist sprain.

Ultimately, as mentioned above, Millsap needed to have a torn ligament repaired in his left wrist. Paul Millsap was given recovery time of three months. This would mean the Denver Nuggets would expect Millsap to return to the lineup around the NBA’s All-Star break.

Recently, Paul Millsap had the cast on his left wrist removed. In recent weeks, Paul Millsap has been participating in light conditioning. He has also participated in other basketball-related activities with the team. Millsap has also started shooting the basketball with one hand.

According to the team, Millsap is still on the timeline that was set after he was diagnosed with a torn ligament in his left wrist and after the surgery was completed. The removal of the cast will allow Millsap to increase the pace and participate in more basketball-related workouts. The Denver Nuggets will not rush Millsap back to practice or games.

Millsap has been doing everything he can to remain in the best shape and make sure he stays up to date with what the Nuggets are implementing. With the cast being removed, The Denver Nuggets remains optimistic that he will return before the All-Star break or some time after the break. However, Millsap has set his own timetable for a return, but he did not share that return date.