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Sports Injuries In Children: Why Is It Happening So Often?

hawi-7An increasingly alarming number of children all across the world are dealing with one or more injuries that can be prevented. So many young athletes, including elementary-aged children, have various injuries due to overusing their bodies. This has turned into a widespread occurrence.

Nearly or more than half of every sports injury is due to overuse. The overuse of a certain body part can be prevented. Many children are playing sports throughout the entire year because many kids are participating in more than one sport. Overuse injuries are injuries that occur in the muscle or in the bone. Constantly putting stress on a muscle or bone without allowing it to heal causes many injuries in young athletes.

There is more concern about the younger athletes because they still have room to grow and develop. Younger athletes have bones, tissues, and plates that are still growing. If children are constantly putting pressure and stress on their body parts, the bones, tendons, and ligaments can be damaged.

Many parents and coaches train the young athletes as if they are already professional athletes playing in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. One of the sports that many children play, boys and girls, is baseball/softball, especially during the summer as part of a Little League program in their communities. When young athletes play baseball, especially the ones who are pitchers, will usually throw multiple pitches they should not be throwing at a certain age.

Young athletes who play throughout the entire year are not giving their bodies a chance to heal and take a rest. Our bodies, especially young children, should make sure their bodies are getting enough rest. No boy or girl should have to go through physical therapy or training because they need to correct a bone, tissue, ligament, etc.