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Tim Tebow Undergoes Wrist Surgery After Injury

Tim Tebow, former Heisman Trophy winner and Mets prospect, swung the bat Thursday and broke a bone in his right wrist. He had an X-ray and an MRI Friday and was put on the disabled list on Saturday. He was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday following a visit to a hand specialist Monday.

Tebow, 30, plays for the Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies, a farm team for the Mets. He has had a solid year, hitting .273 with 36 RBI’s and six home runs. He was named to the Double-A Eastern League All Stars team. Tebow had hoped he would be called up to the Mets in September, but assistant general manager John Ricco said the recovery time is six to eight weeks. He will likely be out for the season.

Tebow’s injury involved the hamate bone, which is one of the eight carpal bones in the wrist. The body of the bone is triangular and it has a hook attached to it. It is on the little finger side of the wrist and is placed right where the bottom hand grips the bat. With this injury, gripping the bat is very painful.

A broken hamate bone is not a rare event in baseball. It can also occur when swinging a tennis racket or a golf club.

This is Tebow’s second year in the minor league club. He has had hits in the past 14 of 15 games. He was a high school football star and played for the University of Florida. He went on to be starting quarterback for the Florida Gators, then for the Denver Broncos and the NY Jets. He also had short stints with the Patriots and the Eagles during pre-seasons.

In 2016, he embarked on a baseball career and signed a contract with the Mets to play in the minors.