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Tom Morello Posts Surgery Pics Following Hand Injury

Acclaimed musician Tom Morello, famous for his work with bands like Rage Against the Machines and Audioslave, posted pictures to his Instagram on Monday of his status following a Sunday the 24 surgery to repair a fractured bone.

As reported by Spin Music News, the guitarist’s left hand reportedly received a fracture while playing his instrument recently. How he accomplished this isn’t known, though some speculate it was likely due to the many strange positions one would have to form their hand into while playing an instrument. Given how odd a musician’s injuries can be, this seems to be the most likely explanation.

In a rather grizzly Instagram post (not for the faint of heart), Morello showed off his cut open, spread out left hand with a piece of metal inserted into the wound. Despite the injury and the need for surgery, he remained confident he would be recovered enough to continue touring with his band, Prophets of Rage, saying he’d be ready to return to the stage the following day on June 26.

Morello also tagged his post in reference to Django Reinhardt, the fabled European jazz musician of the 30’s known for his unusual means of playing guitar. Reinhardt himself had partial paralysis in his left hand since childhood which caused him to finger the frets with only three digits. Gaining prominence for unique playing style and musical aptitude, Reinhardt became one of the first and most influential artists in the history of jazz.

While Morello himself hasn’t mentioned the possibility of hand paralysis outright, that outcome certainly isn’t getting him down if his #TheBionicMan tag is any indication. Given his performance during the band’s latest show, which he played in as promised, it looks like he’ll be just fine with his metal enhancement for the foreseeable future.