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Trea Turner Out Indefinitely With Broken Wrist

Trea Turner, Washington Nationals shortstop, has been ruled out indefinitely due to a broken wrist. Trea Turner was hit on his wrist by Chicago Cubs pitcher, Pedro Strop. The pitch by Strop was 96 miles per hour. Turner was hit on his wrist in the bottom of the seventh inning. After Turner was hit on the wrist, he took a quick look at the Cubs pitcher before he walked to first base.

Turner remained in the game up until the right inning. After Turner caught a pop-up ball, he was shortly removed from the game. According to Turner, the hit to the wrist did not feel that bad initially. Turner did start to feel pain in his wrist once he tried throwing. Turner stated that it hurt to lob the ball in the air. He said his wrist did feel fine when tried throwing the ball at full speed.

Since the pain was not bad initially, Turner decided to stay in the game a little longer. After staying in the game, he did notice that his wrist started to stiffen and tighten up. Since he felt stiffening in his wrist, he decided it would be best for him to leave the game. The Nationals were in a close game against the Cubs, and he felt one of his teammates would have better success in the outfield.

Turner did have X-rays taken of his wrist, and the X-rays confirmed that his wrist is broken. There has not been any indication of when Trea Turner will return to the team.