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University of Georgia QB Suffers Broken Hand In Lake Accident

Jake Fromm, the sophomore University of Georgia quarterback suffered an off-field injury to his left-hand while on a boating trip with friends. As reported by WXIA Atlanta, the group was wakeboarding on the water when the person on the board fell, sending the rope-handle flying back, striking and fracturing Fromm’s hand. Luckily for UGA fans, the injury was sustained to Fromm’s non-throwing hand, but a hand injury of any sort can be problematic in a full-contact sport like football.

Fromm will have to wear a splint for training exercises this summer, but UGA fans are hopeful that his hand will fully heal in time for the Bulldogs’ opening game on September 1st. It’s unknown how wearing the splint might impair Fromm’s typical training regimen. An injured hand will no doubt have some sort of adverse effect on the play-caller’s ability to take snaps and drill the QB option. The team is on the shortlist this year to vie for the national title, and Fromm is a major part of that ranking.

Treating Hand Injuries

While the exact details of Fromm’s broken hand are unclear, treating hand injuries requires time, patience, and specialized expertise to make sure the injury is properly cared for. The many small bones, tendons, and joints in the hand are especially fragile. Depending on the severity of the break, a hand fracture can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to fully heal. That’s assuming that the injury is not re-aggravated during the healing process. If these specific breaks and strains are ignored or not treated by an expert, the consequences may be painful and long-lasting. In the case of Jake Fromm, and any Bulldogs fan, the hope is that the specialists treating him are able to heal the fracture in a way that ensures full mobility to the hand, and limits the risk of additional or repeated injury in the same location.