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Why does my hand go numb?

When people talk about how their hands have gone numb, it is usually attributed to a temporary lack of blood flow or simple cold weather. In instances such as these, the problem can be taken care of easily enough. If your hand falls asleep, simply shake it to get blood flowing to the area again. If the numbness is due to cold weather, than warming your hands via your breath or rubbing your hands together to generate heat from the friction will take care of the problem in no time.

In some instances, numbness in the hands can be associated with more serious, potentially life threatening conditions, such as a stroke or even tumors. It is also linked to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In cases such as this, the best option is, clearly, to see a doctor or specialist so that they can diagnose the condition and give the appropriate treatment.

Often times, nothing more than rest or massage therapy are all that’s required, but other times, steroids or even surgery may be necessary, such as when there is nerve damage.

If you are experiencing numbness in the hands, it is worth having the matter looked in to.

Many of us experience the problem of the hands going numb from time to time. If it happens often, this can become a concern. The problem could stem from sleeping on particular hand each night. If you find yourself waking up with a numb hand, first shake it to get the circulation going. Next, try sleeping in a different position so that you don’t experience the annoying problem again. A numb hand can result from different occupations as well. People who have carpal tunnel syndrome from placing strain on the wrists are often candidates for a numb hand. Braces, physical therapy, and surgery may be necessary to remedy the problem.

Persistent numbness should not be ignored. If the other symptoms associated with the illness are present, it is time to seek the help of a doctor. It is important to get to the bottom of the problem. More serious conditions could be at the root of numbness in the hands, especially if it does not go away.

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