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Wrist injury to keep Koepka out of action

golfBrooks Koepka, the current US Open Champion, will have to stay out of action for the next 10 weeks. With a partial tear to his Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) tendon in the left wrist, he will have to miss some PGA TOUR events, as well as 2 World Golf Championships. His expected date of return is March 30, just before the Masters Week.

Wrist soreness has been troubling 27 year old Koepka since late 2017, and while the issue was not pinpointed, he continued playing with the discomfort at the Hero World Challenge and Sentry Tournament of Champions at Kapalua. The problem was not detected in the initial scans, and the ECU tear was found out only when he went for a second opinion. The doctors are unable to say exactly when the injury might have occurred, but he needs 8 to 12 weeks of rest and therapy before he can get back to playing regularly.

Injuries of hand, wrist and elbow are common in golfers. There are several complex and coordinated motions involved in the golf swing and injuries could happen due to overuse, wrong technique or a blow to the wrist while accidentally hitting a hard surface. Sprains could cause pain in the wrist. For right handed players, wrist tendonitis could occur in the left wrist (since it is their leading hand), and vice versa. Golfer’s elbow, another painful tendonitis could also trouble the player. The club handle hitting the palm repeatedly could also result in damaged blood vessels.

Rest, ice pack, anti inflammatory medicines and splints may be of help in most cases. For tendonitis, a therapist can recommend suitable exercises to stretch and strengthen tendons and muscles. The player may also be advised to change grips on the golf club. Cortisone injections help to reduce the pain also, but must be taken only if advised by a doctor. In case of a fracture, a cast or surgical procedure may be needed.