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Wrist Injury Plagues Broncos Linebacker Shane Ray

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Shane Ray told Denver 7 News yesterday that he may undergo wrist surgery for the fourth time but also that he is seeking a second opinion. He said he is weighing options.

Ray tore the ligaments in his left wrist last year in Training camp. The first surgery involved placing screws and pins in his wrist. This was thought to speed up recovery. In later surgery, the pins were removed but the screws left in to hold the bones in place. He only played eight games during the season, with 16 tackles and one sack.

The screws were eventually removed as well, but the pain persisted, and during the season he lost strength. He was unable to maintain his weight because he could not do any lifting, thus he lost a number of pounds, sinking to 225. During the off-season, he regained weight and appeared to be in good shape.

Unfortunately, a fourth surgery has been recommended. It may not mean he will miss the whole season, although getting a second opinion may take some time. Coach Vance Joseph kept him out of activities this week due to “irritation.” He has also been wearing a brace on his wrist.

Last month, the Broncos did not renew Ray’s fifth-year (2019) contract. They drafted a rookie, Bradley Chubb, to play if Ray cannot. Ray needed to prepare in the off-season to be able to challenge the newbie but it appears this will be difficult.

There is some good news, however. Training camp is almost two months away, starting the last week of July.

Meanwhile, Ray on Monday coached some young players in technique. He is also prepared to be a free agent next year, acknowledging that football is a business and understood being a free agent next year is a business decision. But he remains optimistic.