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Youth Sports And Injuries

elbow injuryChildren who participate in youth sports can benefit from the activities in a variety of ways. Being a member of a team makes children feel like they belong, children will be inspired to collaborate with others, and being a member of team sports is an incredible way for children to get daily exercise. As beneficial as team sports can be, parents are always worried about the risks of injuries to their children.

The fears of injuries are not unjustified. Young athletes will have to visit an emergency room for an injury they obtained during a sporting event multiple times a year. Millions of children are seen in the emergency room every year for an injury that is related to team sports or recreational sports.

There are some common injuries that young athletes will have throughout their playing history, and many of those injuries occur in the following areas:

  • bones
  • tendons
  • muscles
  • ligaments

The reason why young athletes experience so many injuries to these systems of the body is because these areas are still growing, which means injuries are more likely to occur in these areas. Thankfully, with the right education, many young athletes can avoid having so many injuries.

When a young athlete has a sprain or strain, it is usually attributed to them not warming up properly before the beginning of the game. Sprains and strains can also be attributed to low energy and a previous history of injuries. It is very important that young athletes are physically prepared and ready for each game by stretching and going through the proper conditioning drills.

Injuries to young athletes are certainly common, but this does not mean they cannot be prevented. Make sure your young athlete is in good shape before each game. You can also make sure your child does not put too much pressure on himself or herself while warming up or exercising.