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Yuli Gurriel Is Expected To Miss The Start Of The Season After Hand Surgery

baseballThe 2017 MLB Champions, the Houston Astros, have already been hit with the injury bug. Yuli Gurriel, first baseman for the Houston Astros, will miss the beginning of the regular season after he received surgery on his left hand Wednesday. Yuli Gurriel was with the team in Florida for spring training, but he left Florida to head for Houston so he could undergo surgery on his hand.

Gurriel was removed from the lineup before the beginning of the split-squad game against the Marlins in Florida because he felt some discomfort in his left wrist. Gurriel spoke with a trainer during his workouts and made complaints about pain in his wrist.

After doing some infield work, Gurriel stated that he did not feel comfortable wearing the glove on his hand. The team told Gurriel that he did not need to hit, and this resulted in him being taken out of the lineup. Eventually, it was determined that it was Gurriel’s hand and not the wrist. Gurriel received surgery on the left hamate bone.

Wrist injuries and hand injuries have a huge range of recovery time. If the hand or wrist injury needs to have a scope and a cleaning, Gurriel could only miss one week of the upcoming MLB season. If the wrist injury/hand injury is more serious, Gurriel could miss a couple of months with the potential that the issue could become worse.

Yuli Gurriel is expected to miss up to six weeks, which means it is likely that he will be on the sidelines for at least the first week of the upcoming MLB season. In a previous post, we mentioned a wrist injury that Paul Millsap suffered months ago. Millsap has returned to his team, the Denver Nuggets, after missing three months of playing time. The types of wrist injuries/hand injuries and the recovery times are all different, especially when we are talking about different sports and different players.